1 March, General Meeting (ps)

6 March, Shannons Wheels, Queanbeyan Showgrounds

16 March Coffee Run. Poacher’s Pantry, Nanima Road Springrange, NSW (ps)

23-26 March JDCC visit to Forbes and Grenfell area (ps)

5 April General Meeting (ps)

13 April Gear Racing. Wakefield Park, Goulburn.

20 April Coffee Run TBA (ps)

3 May General Meeting (ps)

18 May Coffee Run, TBA (ps)

7 June General Meeting (ps)

8 June Gear Racing. Wakefield Park, Goulbourn

15 June Coffee Run TBA (ps)

5 July General Meeting (ps)

20 July  Coffee Run TBA (ps)

2 August General Meeting (ps)

10 August Gear Racing. Wakefield Park, Goulbourn

2 – 5 September, Tri State Run to Cowra

Note: (ps) stands for ‘point score’. Members receive points towards the annual points score for attending a (ps) event and receive additional points if they drive a Jaguar to that event.